Soil and physical laboratory: Invested in large-scale, laboratory equipment to determine the physical and mechanical criteria of the soil to meet the standards of TCVN, ASTM, BS, JIS …
    The equipment is invested synchronously with the CDAS central data acquisition system along with specialized software corresponding to the experimental criteria, allowing the acquisition of experimental data automatically with real time. This allows to minimize errors and can take data from multiple samples corresponding to each different experimental criteria without affecting the test results due to the delay of the data recording time. experiment.
    In addition to the capacity to perform laboratory tests to determine common physical criteria. The department also has the capacity to implement consolidation testing criteria, QU, UU, CU, CD.
1. Experiment to check the integrity and bearing capacity of piles
    Made in the construction phase of the foundation foundation. Experimental work aims to serve the design verification, construction quality inspection of contractor construction, assessing the actual bearing capacity of the foundation foundation. The company has invested in modern equipment with professionally trained human resources with experience in performing experiments such as:
     _ Static compression test by static loading method
_ Experiment to determine pile bearing capacity by Osterberg (O-Cell) load box method
_ Small deformation experiment (PIT)
_ Large deformation experiment (PDA)
_ Pile ultrasound test (SONIC Test)
_ Experiment of measuring drilling holes (KODEN test)
_ Experiment on measuring stress and short-term deformation in piles
_ Experiment of drilling concrete core and checking pile head
2. Testing construction materials and components
    Made in the construction phase of construction works such as bridges, roads, airport roads, civil and industrial buildings, high-rise buildings, hospitals … These experiments are conducted for the purpose of control. Quality of input materials to achieve the required construction quality. Fields of experiment implementation:
_ Grade for concrete and cement concrete
_ Allocation of soil, sand and stone for leveling
_ Construction country
_ Steel for construction
_ Bitumen and asphalt concrete
_ Geotextile and absorbent wick
_ Quality control of concrete and reinforced concrete components
3. Quality inspection of construction works
    In addition to testing the quality of construction materials used for construction works, field experiments are also conducted to check the quality of construction works through determining the strength and deformation of structures. aggregation / grading class, tightness of grading class such as
_ Testing of tightness by sand pouring method / ring knife method
_ Experiment to measure elastic modulus with benkament need combined with hard pressed plate
_ Experiment to measure deflection with benkament
_ Experiment to measure deflection of construction components