1 Monitoring work
Monitoring includes measuring, calculating, supplying and constantly updating the technical parameters of stresses, deformation of surrounding structures and construction during construction, as well as the environment. purpose:
• Serving to adjust progress and construction solutions;
• Verify the theory of calculation and adjust the design to the reality;
• Monitor monitoring parameters and predict variable values ​​in the coming time;
• Promptly alert the relevant parties when the monitoring value changes beyond the design threshold, in order to have a precautionary plan before the incident can occur.
The service works for roads and high-rise projects; underground works, seaport projects, irrigation dams, energy projects, refineries …
The content of monitoring is to determine the parameters of stress and deformation of the project, through the following details:
• Deformation monitoring: Settlement, horizontal displacement, cracks and inclination of architecture;
• Monitoring stresses of bars, struts, diaphragm walls and lining;
• Monitoring total pressure on struts and lining;
• Observe pore water pressure and groundwater level of the ground;
• Environmental monitoring such as air, dust, noise, vibration and good indicators;
2 Applied technology in monitoring
Monitoring works using the world’s leading modern technology, with the integration of cloud technology and real-time information system in data recognition, automatic processing and summary reporting, giving Allows users to access monitoring results anytime, anywhere.

Cung cấp, lắp đặt thiết bị và quan trắc 
Các hạng mục công tác quan đa dạng với sự các chủng loại tiên tiến, có độ chính xác cao, đảm báo đáp ứng độ tin cậy sô của số liệu trong công tác thi công; các thương hiệu uy tín thường được sử dụng : Geokon, Slope Indicator, Leica,… 

Automatic solution for data processing and reporting
The monitoring data is automatically calculated and automatically calculated using TW.Monitoring software. This result allows the elimination of errors arising in relation to human factors, as well as allowing the results of monitoring data to be provided continuously over the required time.

In addition to basic calculation features, the monitoring software system also allows automatic setting up of automatic monitoring reports. Allow extracting monitoring results in PDF, Word format. On the other hand, the monitoring software system also allows for short-term monitoring of predictive results, as well as immediate warning when critical prices exceed the allowed threshold.