Terrain Survey aims to:
• Serving the design and planning of civil, industrial, port, and transport works.
• Calculation of earthwork volume in construction leveling.
• Serving size control in construction works.
Contents of survey Topographic terrain:
• Establish high-level control network
• Setting up a network to control the ground
• Measure drawing into a map
Plan to implement the Geological Survey
• Top-level topographic survey using the world’s leading modern technology, the device is used with the latest model today such as the leica TS15 Total Station, leica TS16, Sokia iX101 with high precision, available You can use auto-find mode.
• In addition, the company has equipment such as the Trimble R8S (GPS, RTK, DGPS), Leica TS06 and Sokia DX 101 total station; Leica DNA03, Leica TS06, Leica LS10 water level gauges and underwater topographic survey equipment.

Equipment used in Geological Surveying
Some equipment, work items in the survey of Topography.
Surveying equipment of the company:
Data processing and reporting
The results of topographical survey reports are processed and calculated by the current popular software such as: DP survey, Topo, AutoCAD Civil 3D, Trimble Business Center (TBC) …